Reference number: 

The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda invites all interested and qualified companies to submit their bids or proposals well bounded and sealed for following tender:

Brief description of the tender: Hiring a local company for providing maintenance services for all non-ICT equipment including but not limited to electricity materials, plumbing system, Air Conditioners, Generators, big UPs, Security System (CCTV, Access control; Attendance system, fire fighting, intruder system) etc

Amount of bid security (In Rwf) : 800,000

Submission deadline (date and time) : 20th April 2017 at 10:00 am, 08:00 am GMT

Public Opening session of the bids (date and time) : 20th April 2017 at 10:30 am, 08:30 am GMT

Contract Time: 1 Year with a possibility of renewal

1. The tender document, in English may be obtained from the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda starting from 20th  March 2017 from  08:00 hours, local time, 6:00 GMT to 17H00’ (working days) hours, local time, 15:00 GMT by presentation of a payment slip of a non-refundable fee of Ten Thousand Rwandan francs (10,000 Rwf) paid in account of non-fiscal revenues or the equivalent in a freely convertible currency deposited to the accounts NO :

S/N                  BANK NAME                                ACCOUNT NUMBER

1.                     BK:                                                  040-0315129-90

2.                     ECOBANK KIGALI:                             19103808074801

3.                     I&M BANK (BCR) KIGALI:                    1000256542426

4.                     GT BANK KIGALI:                             211/153437/1/5100/0

5.                     COGEBANK KIGALI:                         1390030469

6.                     EQUITY BANK KIGALI:                     4002211224075

7.                     BANQUE POPULAIRE :                      400372515718

8.                     BRD :                                             2000068640951

9.                     ACCESS BANKL :                              1002250102020000

10.                   KCB:                                               4400995410

2. Enquiries regarding these tender may be addressed to the Director General of the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, avenue de la justice, P.O Box 6139, Kigali, Tel. :(+250) -571035, Fax :(+250)-570705, E-mail :, starting from 20th March 2017 from  08:00 hours prompt, local time, 6:00 GMT to 17H00’, (working days) hours prompt, local time, 15:00 GMT. Late bids will be rejected and the bids sent electronically will not be accepted.

3. Well printed bids, properly bound and presented in four copies among which one is the original and three are the copies, must reach the Procurement Office of the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, avenue de la justice, P.O Box 6139, Kigali, Tel. :(+250) -57 10 35, Fax :(+250)-57 0705, E-mail:, at the above-mentioned address. The deadlines of bids submission bids public opening session are well precise in the aforementioned table.

NB: SITE VISIT IS PLANNED ON 11th April 2017 at 10:00 AM and it is mandatory

Done at Kigali, 20th March 2017

Gaspard RUHUMURIZA                                                         David NKUSI     

(SE)                                                                                           (SE)     

Procurement Officer                                                            Head of  Corporate Services