November 2021

Seasonal Agricultural Survey (Season B, 2021)

The NISR has conducted the Seasonal Agriculture Survey for the 2021 agricultural year that covered the season B, with the aim to provide more comprehensive data on Rwandan agriculture sector. During 2021 Season B, data collection started from 2nd May 2021 to 30th June 2021 covering 1200 segments and 330 large scale farmers’ holdings across all the country.
The results of 2021 season B SAS estimate the total country land area is estimated at 2.377 million of hectares for which 1.43 million hectares (60% of total country land) is used for agriculture. Out of the total agricultural land, 1.1 million hectares was used for Seasonal crops in season B, nearly 0.6 million hectares are area under permanent crops, while 0.13 million ha under permanent pasture. 
The overall crop production for individual crops has increased when compared to the season B of the previous year, this includes Irish Potatoes (12 percent), sweet potatoes (3 percent), maize (10 percent), beans (9.6 percent), paddy rice (5.5 percent), and banana (6 percent). Likewise, the crop production has increased whereby paddy rice raised by (22 percent), beans (7 percent), Irish potatoes (8 percent), Maize (7percent), banana (5 percent) and cassava (2.5 percent). 

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