The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) and other members of the national statistical system (NSS) will celebrate the 2015 African Statistics Day (ASD) under the theme: “Better data, better lives: harnessing modern technologies to enhance national Statistical Systems”. 

The African Statistics Day is celebrated on 18th November each year but because of other programs, Rwanda will mark the occasion by organizing an event dedicated to the cause on 27thNovember 2015.
The day was adopted in May 1990 by the Sixteenth Meeting of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Conference of African Ministers responsible for Planning and Economic Development, to be celebrated each year in order to increase public awareness about the important role which statistics play in all aspects of social and economic life of our countries.
As part of the celebrations, NISR is also organizing on 26thNovember 2015 in collaboration with UNICEF, a session 'Reading data with children: Our story - past, present and future of our country, our continent and our globe'.
This year’s celebration will also mark NISR’s 10 years of policy support for statistics development in the country.

Like previous years the 2015 ASD celebrations will alsobe an occasion to recognize and present the awards to the winners of this year’s NISR’s Infographic Competition. This year the competition’s focus was to highlight the business profile and trends in Rwanda.