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Data Portal The Rwanda Statistical Data Portal has been developed by NISR to provide data users, access to all statistical indicators produced by NISR concerning Rwanda. The Data portal facilitates visualizing socio-economic indicators over a period of time as maps, graphs, and data tables. It also allows downloading the data in different formats.
NADA National Data Archive (NADA) - Rwanda, hosts the NISR’s microdata catalog. The catalog lists each study or survey undertaken by NISR and provides their metadata and microdata to be browsed and downloaded in a user fliendly manner. 
DevInfo DevInfoRwanda is designed as a monitoring tool for tracking the progress of the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) in Rwanda.
SDMX Registry This registry is designed to facilitate the dissemination and use of SDMX standards for statistical data and metadata exchange which, in turn, facilitate the orderly flow of data from data producers to national, regional and international data users.
CountrySTAT CountrySTAT is a statistical framework and applied information system for analysis and policy-making designed in order to organize, integrate and disseminate statistical data and metadata on food and agriculture coming from different sources.
CountryDATA CountryDATA was developed by UNSD as a central repository which automatically receives and publishes data from countries registries to provide re-dissemination and visualization of national data. The CountryDATA provides concise comparisons between national and international estimates of development indicators, analyses and publishes  discrepancies between data from national sources and international agencies.

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