The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) and its stakeholders and partners from One UN have initiated a program to strengthen Civil Registration and Vital Statistics system in Rwanda. It is a crucial exercise for civil rights and availing population statistics.

Despite many efforts to revitalize the national civil registration system, it is not yet complete rely on for production of accurate vital statistics. In order to take a completely fresh look at the system in place, NISR and its stakeholders and partners sat together 22nd September 2015 to reunite all efforts and discuss a strategy for revamping a national CRVS system and operationalizing the roadmap for next five years.

Among other discussions, the meting discussed on:

Country comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the home grown current model.
Data quality control and web based application model in use.
Community mobilization and capacity development of CRVS  structure
Support and funding the operational plans to strengthen civil registration system
Strategically support for death and causes of death registration
The meeting also discussed on the way forwards and propose a combination of support for full time staff, technical assistance from regional and international CRVS experts, among others

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