The Statistical Methods, Research and Publications Department is responsible for promoting the methodologies, norms, and standards of the NISR - internally and externally to other parties of the National Statistical System (NSS); to coordinate the preparation and sound implementation of the NISR strategic plan and to supervise and facilitate the production of the two periodic publications “the Statistical yearbook” and “Rwanda in Figures”.

To accomplish its mission, the Statistical Methods, Research and Publications Department is headed by a director and is organized into the following four sections :

  • Quality Assurance (3):
    • Quality Assurance Statistician Team Leader  (1)
    • Data Surveys Quality Assurance Statistician (1)
    • Administrative Data Quality Assurance Statistician (1)
  • Research, Publication and Documentation (5):
    • Research, Publication & Documentation Statistician Team Leader (1)
    • Demographic Studies Research Statistician (1)
    • Economics Studies Research Statistician (1)
    • Publication & Dissemination Officer (1)
    • Data portals Management Officer (1)
  • Statistical Methods, Sampling and  Classification Research (5):
    • Statistical Methods, Sampling & Classification Research Statistician Team Leader (1)
    • Statistical Methods & Sampling of Household Surveys Statistician (1)
    • Statistical Methods & Sampling of Business Surveys Statistician (1)
    • Economic Statistics Classification Statistician (1)
    • Demographic Statistics Classification Statistician (1)
  • NSS Coordination & Statistical Capacity Building (3):
    • NSS Coordination & Statistical Capacity Building Statistician Team Leader (1)
    • NSS Coordination Statistician (1)
    • NSS Statistical CB Statistician (1)

Director of SMRP:

Mr Dominique HABIMANA
Director of Statistical Methods, Research and Publication 

Mr Dominique HABIMANA is a qualified and experienced professional statistician and econometrician with more than 5 years of experience in senior position at National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR).

He holds a Master’s degree in Statistical Modelling and Econometrics from Finland. Mr Habimana has worked at former Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) for 4 years as an assistant lecturer of statistics and econometrics since 2005, and later on at National Bank of Rwanda (NBR) as a research manager. During his time at NISR currently, he leads and coordinates the design and implementation of Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey (EICV), which measures poverty in Rwanda and collect information on other socio-economic characteristics of the population. So far he has implemented the EICV3 of 2010/11, EICV4 of 2013/14, currently designing the EICV5 to take place in 2015/16.

In addition to that, Mr Habimana led the last phase of implementation of Rwanda National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS 2009-2014), and design of second NSDS (2015-2019). He is responsible of coordination and satistical capacity of Rwanda National Statistical System (NSS), including data quality and dissemination country wide. He is alsoresponsible of promoting the use of sound statistical methodologies and norms in the country during data production, management, dissemination and use.