The data revolution policy (DRP) focuses on building big data and analytics capabilities to derive insights that contribute to enormous social-economic benefits including informed policy decision making, enhancing transparency and promoting citizen participation, GDP contribution, Monitoring National Development Progress and SDGS, supporting research and development, Business Intelligence, Innovation for data enabled applications among others.

In the current 4th industrial revolution, DATA has proved to be a natural resource offering unprecedented benefits to economies by powering innovation eco-system in science and technology. Rwanda’s data revolution policy comes to set a strategic framework for attaining an innovation data-enabled industry for accelerated social economic development. The Data Readiness Assessment done in 2013 showed Rwanda’s potential in delivering a successful data innovation industry indicating complementary factors already in place including good governance, ICT infrastructure development, huge data repositories across Government institutions etc. The ambitions to build a data industry in Rwanda will be powered by synergies with a pool of world class training academies notably African Center of excellence in data science, African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Carnage Mellon University, The Center of excellence in IOT, all which produces highly specialized human capital in data sciences.

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