15 April 2024

Rwanda, Switzerland statistics offices pledge to foster cooperation

Senior managers from the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda held a work meeting with the visiting delegation from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office's (FSO) pledging to foster valuable connections and sharing insights.

03 April 2024

Launching the Gender Data Lab: Bridging the Gap for Inclusive Development

In a pivotal moment for Rwanda's pursuit of gender equality, the Gender Data Lab (GDL) was officially launched on April 3, 2024. This groundbreaking initiative, spearheaded by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) in collaboration with PARIS21 and the Gender Monitoring Office (GMO), marks a significant step towards bridging gender data gaps and fostering inclusive development.

26 March 2024

NISR Hosts Workshop on Survey Quality Control: Strengthening Statistical Practices

The National Institute of Statistics Rwanda (NISR) organizes the Workshop on Survey Quality Control and Data Management, from March 25th, 2024, in Kigali.

Led by esteemed expert Ramiro Flores Cruz, the workshop aims to empower participants with essential strategies for detecting and reducing various types of survey errors. Over the course of five days, attendees will delve into topics such as coverage error, nonresponse error, and the effects of interviewer behavior on measurement error.

11 March 2024

Enhancing Demographic Analysis: A Follow-Up Workshop by the US Census Bureau

The workshop is tailored for NISR (National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda) Staff specializing in Population Statistics, as well as individuals with a vested interest in census organization and population projections.

Facilitated by Madam NOBUKO and Mr. SEAN from US Census Bureau, this workshop offers an intensive exploration of demographic analysis. Participants will delve into sub-national population projections, advanced data management techniques, and the latest methodologies in the field.

28 November 2023

University Hackathon Competition Spurs Creativity On Rwanda's Big Data Market

Several dozens of innovative ideas are being showcased by university students at the “Big Data Hackathon” competition to spur creativity in statistical ingenuity at Musanze district, Northern Rwanda.

The competition organized by NISR focus on only on coding and creating visualizations but also; it aims at empowering the future leaders with statistical prowess.