The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) relies on vast array of partners in its mission to assume the leading role in improving capacity to use evidence-based information for decision-making by coordinating national effort to collect and archive reliable data, to analyze, document and disseminate data within an integrated and sustainable framework.
By working in partnership, NISR improves its efficiency and effectiveness.

Development Partners

NISR receives both technical and financial support through many multilateral and bi-lateral development partners. The wide ranging collaborations with development partners spans from supporting regular activities of NISR to specific activities such as surveys, and censuses.

Educational & Research Institutions

The collaboration between NISR and educational & research institutions provides an opportunity for strengthening institutionalizing of statistical education, developing curriculum in the statistical domain and research collaborations.

Goverment Partners

NISR partners with Government institutions in order to produce collaborative statistics. Also, as the coordinator of the National Statistical System (NSS) in Rwanda, NISR works with members of the NSS to develop capacities and strengthens interagency cooperation to improve administrative-based statistics such as vital statistics from the civil registration system, ICT indicators, education, and health statistics.

Statistical Institutions

NISR cultivates dynamic and innovative collaboration with statistical institutions that share its vision of excellence in statistical production. Through a variety of unique and mutually beneficial programs, the partner statistical institutions support NISR’s work with seamless knowledge transfers.