December 2018

EICV5-Thematic Report-VUP

The VUP program (Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme), run by the Ministry of Local Government, is the main social protection programme in Rwanda. It consists of three components: a direct cash transfer for very poor households who cannot work (“VUP Direct Support”), a public works programme for very poor households who can work (“VUP Public works”), and a microcredit scheme that provides small loans at modest interest rates to individuals or groups (“VUP Financial Services”). The EICV5 VUP Panel report provides a statistical analysis of data collected about the program in the context of the EICV survey. The results rely on two components of the EICV surveys: Cross sectional survey (EICV4 sample with 14,419 households and EICV 5 sample with 14,580 households) and, VUP panel survey which interviews, in 2016/17, those who were VUP beneficiaries in 2014 (1,642 households consisting of households that were VUP beneficiaries in 2014, minus attrition and plus split households as shown in Figure 1.1).

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