December 2018

EICV5_Poverty Panel Report

The Report focuses on four basic questions:

  • What is the likelihood of entering, exiting, or staying in poverty over a period of years?
  • To what extent to households move up and down the income distribution scale over time?
  • How has economic growth affected the well-being of different groups? 
  • What are the main factors that increase a household’s likelihood of staying in, entering, or exiting poverty?

This report consists of six main sections besides the introduction. In section two, the main methodology. Section three discusses different methodologies to assess poverty dynamics. Section four presents the short-term dynamics of poverty categories and identifies their relative importance with respect to location, different socio-economic household characteristics and housing conditions. The impact of social services on the poverty dynamics are assessed in section five. Medium term mobility and its correlates to poverty status are analyzed in section six, and we offer some concluding comments in section seven.

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