October 2008

First National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (2009 -2014)

NSDS is conceptualized to strengthen the information backbone of EDPRS – (Economic Development and poverty Reduction Strategy)1 that will provide the relevant indicators to be used in formulating, updating, monitoring and evaluating the strategies and targets of the country towards Vision 2020.NSDS document is a blueprint of the programs, projects and activities of the National Statistical System (NSS) to be pursued from the year 2009 to 2014 in major sectors of the society. It shall serve as the framework for mobilizing and allocating resources to support statistical activities.The development of the NSDS was done in consultation with key stakeholders in the government, private sector, civil society and development partners. For the program period 2009-2014, NSDS shall cover all sectors similar to the EDPRS grouping.

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