11 June 2014

Population of Rwanda: Results from 4th Census, 2012

The fourth Population and Housing Census conducted in August 2012 (2012 RPHC), revealed that the total population of Rwanda was at that moment 10,515,973 persons.

Females were 5,451,105 or 51.8% and males were 5,064,868 or 48.2% of the total population. The total numbers of foreigners were 87,346 of which 70% were DRC citizens.  

At the same time, the 2012 RPHC counted 511,738 elderly persons (60 years and above) corresponding to 4.9% of the total population with 207,239 men and 304,499 women, while the youth, i.e. persons whose age is between 14 years and 35 years, were 4,166,777; corresponding to 40% of the total population. Among them, females were 2,033,130 and males were 2,133,647.

Overall, the 2012 RPHC counted 446,453 persons aged 5 years and above, with disabilities in Rwanda. Among them, females were 225,303 and males totalized the number of 221,150.

In the previous Census conducted in 2002, the total population of Rwanda was 8,128,553 persons. With the current numbers, according to experts; the population of Rwanda is expected to double towards 2047.

By: Jean Claude Nyirimanzi

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