10 May 2017

Prospects for increasing Rwanda's FDI inflow in 2016

The prospects for 2016 are for higher flows, with rise record in the Foreign direct investment (FDI)  inflow owing to the fact that 2015 new investment projects attraction was at its best with over 800 million US$ worth of foreign private investment projects registered in that year.

Some new big investment projects in 2016 are especially in Services sector as well as Energy and Water sector and ICT.

Meanwhile, data show that Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Rwanda  decreased by 17.2 percent year on year from US$ 458.9 million in 2014 to US$ 379.8 million in 2015. Foreign Portfolio investment inflows also decreased from US$ 5.6 million in 2014 to US$ 2.5 million in 2015.

Most of the investments came from Mauritius (US$ 155.6 million) followed by United States of America (US$ 70.1 million), Kenya (US$ 51.5 million) and China (US$ 23.5 million) accounting for 63.1 percent of total FPC flows in 2015.

Reports indicate that investments in 2015 were focusing mostly in finance and insurance, manufacturing and ICT sectors accounting for 56.8 percent of total inflows.

The stock of foreign investment in ICT amounted to US$ 592.2 million followed by finance and  insurance services with US$ 472.3 million and manufacturing with US$ 328.8 million.