18 September 2018

Rwanda economy expanded by 6.7% in Q2 2018

In the secondquarter (April – June) of 2018, Rwanda economy expanded by 6.7%. Within sector: Agriculture grew by 6%, Industry by 10% while services grew by 5%.

The growth in agriculture sector was mainly attributed to growth in food crops and export crops. Food crops grew by 6% in season A, while export crops grew by 6% mainly due to Tea and Coffee production.

The growth in industry sector was mainly attributed to growth in manufacturing and construction activities of 12% and 11% respectively. 

Within manufacturing, Food processing increased by 19% mainly due to an increase of 32% in the processing of cereals and 6% in the processing of tea, coffee and sugar.Also,the production of textiles, clothes and leather goods increased by 13% while production of construction material such as metallic products increased by 37%.

The growth in Service sectorwas due to growth of several activities. Within this sector,wholesale and retail trade increased by 11% due to increase in tradeable agricultural and manufactured products; transportactivities increased by 13% boosted by air transportthat increasedby 17%. Information and Communication increased by 18%; Financial services increased by 7% while Public administration increased 4%.

By: Claude Mwizerwa & Patrick Yvan Kayitare