10 November 2016

Rwanda's CPI up 7.4 pct year on year in October 2016

Rwanda’s Consumer Price Index (CPI), main gauge of inflation has risen7.4 percent year on year inOctober2016up from 5.8 percent in September2016.

In October2016,‘Food and non-alcoholic beverages’,‘Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels’and Transport rose by16.3percent,1.3 percent and7.9 percentrespectively.

The data also show the “local goods” increased by 7.8percent on annual change andincreased by 1.8 percent on a monthly basis, while prices of the “imported products” increased by 6.3 percent on annual basis andwas stableon a monthly basis.

The prices of the “fresh products” increased by18.8percent on annual change and increased by 6.2 percent on a monthly basis.


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