05 July 2017

Rwanda's economy grew 1.7 pct in Q1,2017

Rwanda's economy grew 1.7 percent in the first Quarter 2017, and GDP reached Frw 1,817 billion, up from Frw 1,593 billion in the same quarter of the previous year.Services sector contributed 46 percent of GDP, agriculture sector contributed 32 percent while Industrial sector contributed 15 percent of the GDP.

In Q1, 2017, Agriculture increased by 3 percent, Food crops increased by 4 percent due to harvest of Season A of 2017.Industry sector decreased by 1 percent. within industry, Manufacturing activities increased by 7 percent boosted by food processing activities which increased by 13 percent and manufacturing of chemicals, rubber & plastic activities which grew by 28 percent. Construction activities decreased by 7 percent.

Activities in Services sector increased by 4 percent. The growth in Services is mainly due to Hotels & restaurant activities which increased by 17 percent, Real estate activities increased by 8 percent and Administration & support services activities which increased by 25 percent. However, Wholesale & retail trade decreased by 12 percent.

By: Jean Claude MWIZERWA