15 March 2017

Rwanda's economy grew 5.9 pct in 2016

Rwanda's economy grew 5.9 percent in 2016, and GDP reached Frw 6,618 billion, up from Frw 5,956 billion in the previous year.

In agriculture growth was boosted by a good harvest in season A of 5%. However, season B and C harvest was very low at 1%. Following the droughts and floods in some parts of the country.

In industry manufacturing activities increased by 7%. Emerging industries inline with made in Rwanda for example manufacturing, textiles, leather & clothing increased by 10% while food processing increased by 8%. Production of construction material such as cement that is included under non-metallic minerals increased by 21%.

The construction sector continued to grow at by 5% following a very high growth of 15% in 2015. The slowdown is due to the windup of some large construction projects early in 2016.

In the service sector, hotels & restaurant grew by 11% reflecting recent development in conference tourism. Transport activities increased by 8% boosted by air transport that increased by 15%.

By: Jean Claude Mwizerwa

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