05 January 2016

Rwanda's total trade reached US$ 615.94 million in Q4, 2015

Rwanda’s total trade of US$ 615.94 million, higher by 6.4 percent over the fourth quarter of 2014 was made up of exports worth of US$ 97.49 million, imports worth of US$ 478.68 million and re-exports valued at US$ 39.77 million. Total imports of Rwanda increased by 14.98 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015over the same quarter of 2014 and Domestic exports reduced by 21.93 percent when comparing to the same quarter of 2014.

The commodity groups with the largest increase in values on exports were: “Coffee, not roasted, not decaffeinated” (US$ 19.77 million) “Niobium, vanadium ores, tantalum and concentrates” (US$ 16.29 million), “Other black tea (fermented) and other partly fermented tea” (US$ 13.03 million), “Other unwrought gold (incl. gold plated with platinum), non monetary” (US$ 7.21 million), and “Tin ores and concentrates” (US$ 6.69 million).


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