November 2019

User Satisfaction Survey_2018/2019

In the context of statistical activities, the User Satisfaction Index (USI) is an overall evaluation of the performance of the National Statistical System in terms of responding to User needs of official statistics. It is conducted every two years since 2012. The overall objective of the User Satisfaction Survey 2018/2019 (USS 2018/2019) was to track and measure the extent to which data users in Rwanda are satisfied with available official statistics and how their statistical needs are met as the result of the implementation of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics. The survey also focused on the extent to which official statistics are being used for informed policy and decision making.

The User Satisfaction Survey 2018/2019 followed a purposive sampling procedure in order to collect as much information as possible from different categories of users. A sampling frame used for the survey included 852 users grouped into seven categories notably, government institutions, research and academic institutions, international organizations and donors, private institutions, civil society, media, and individual researchers.

For data collection, multiple methods were used including web-based survey, in-person interviews, and self-administered questionnaire. This was done to offer respondents a variety of choices. The User Satisfaction Survey 2018/2019 recorded 76.88% response rate, showing an improvement in the participation compared to the previous surveys.

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