05 March 2013

Women make up majority among civil servants in Rwanda's healthcare industry

More than half of civil servants in health centers in Rwanda are women representing 58.6 per cent, according to the latest findings published in an official report on Gender Statistics highlighting the gender equality and development issue.

Nevertheless, official statistics show that 87.6 per cent of specialist doctors in the Rwanda's public sector are men while women account only 12.4 per cent in the same category.

In general, Rwandan female nurses outnumber men with the proportion estimated at 58.6 per cent within all health centers across the country.

Apart from health sector, the report also shows that gender equality is improving at the level of high decision making organs where by women make up above 40 per cent of Ministry Permanent Secretaries and Supreme Court Judges and above 30 per cent of Senators and Deputies Chairing Standing Committees.

Key positions, such as heads of learning institutions, hospital directors and senior officers of the police force to mention a few, show big gender gaps with very few women, the report said.

The latest results on Gender Statistics in the public sector in Rwanda show that 54.5 percent of civil servants are men while 45.5 per cent are women.

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