QUARTER I (Jan-March 2021)
Consumer Price Index  10 January 
External Trade15 January
Consumer Price Index10 February
Labor Force Survey 2021 (Q4)15 February
External Trade15 February
Producer Price Index22 February
Consumer Price Index10 March
External Trade15 March
External Trade15 March
Producer Price Index22 March
QUARTER II (April-June 2021)
Consumer Price Index  10 April
External Trade15 April
Labor Force Survey 2021 (Q1) 15 April 
Seasonal Agriculture Survey (Season A, 2021)30 April
Rwanda Agricultural Household Survey 202130 April
Consumer Price Index  10 May
External Trade15 May
Producer Price Index22 May
Consumer Price Index 10 June
External Trade15 June
Gross Domestic Product20 June
Establishment Census30 June
QUARTER III (July-September 2022)
Consumer Price Index  10 July
External Trade15 July
Labor Force Survey 2021 (Q2)15 July
Consumer Price Index  10 August
External Trade15 August
Producer Price Index22 August
Seasonal Agriculture Survey (Season B, 2021)31 August
Consumer Price Index  10 September
External Trade15 September
Gross Domestic Product 20 September
QUARTER IV (October – December 2022)
Consumer Price Index  10 October
External Trade15 October
Labor Force Survey 2021 (Q3)15 October
Consumer Price Index 10 November
External Trade15 November
Producer Price Index22 November
Consumer Price Index  10 December
External Trade15 December
Gross Domestic Product 20 December
Seasonal Agriculture Survey (Season C, 2021) & Final report30 November
Statistical Yearbook (2021) 30 December

Note: The monthly report of external trade is actually released on 15th of the following month, and the Quarterly report is released by mid of the following quarter.