The workshop is tailored for NISR (National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda) Staff specializing in Population Statistics, as well as individuals with a vested interest in census organization and population projections.

Facilitated by Madam NOBUKO and Mr. SEAN from US Census Bureau, this workshop offers an intensive exploration of demographic analysis. Participants will delve into sub-national population projections, advanced data management techniques, and the latest methodologies in the field.

The 2 weeks workshop starts today 11th March to end on 22nd and takes place at NISR training center.

In an era characterized by dynamic demographic shifts, staying at the forefront of demographic analysis is crucial. This workshop aims to equip attendees with the necessary skills and insights to navigate these complexities, fostering professional growth and proficiency in population statistics.

The workshop promises an immersive learning experience through interactive sessions, hands-on exercises, and expert-led discussions. Participants can expect to gain practical skills and invaluable knowledge, empowering them to excel in the realm of demographic analysis.



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