The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) in collaboration with UNICEF has embarked on right path to promote data literacy among youth through the "Reading Data with Children and Youth" initiative.

This pioneering initiative launched since 2015 aims to equip high school students with the essential skills to not just comprehend statistics but to critically analyze and effectively utilize data in their academic, professional, and societal spheres. Departing from traditional data dissemination, the program acknowledges the potential of children and youth as catalysts for change, enabling them to communicate data within their families, peer groups, and communities.

Central to this initiative is the presentation of select social and economic data from various surveys in a manner tailored to engage and captivate young minds. The data, sourced from esteemed studies such as the Population and Housing Census, Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey, Rwanda Demographic and Health Survey, and the Labor Force Survey, is transformed into child-friendly visualizations, sparking interactive discussions on data among students.

NISR's approach extends beyond mere dissemination; it's about nurturing partnerships with schools. Through extensive training provided to Mathematics, Economics teachers, and educators, the initiative empowers these professionals with statistical expertise. This training enables teachers to establish statistical clubs, fostering a dynamic platform for students to engage in lively discussions around data.

The objectives of this initiative are multifaceted. It not only aims to disseminate crucial statistics relating to children and youth from the recent Population and Housing Census but also endeavors to elevate statistical literacy and awareness within high schools. By forging stronger relationships between NISR and school administrations, the initiative seeks to create a collaborative environment conducive to promoting statistical literacy.

The forthcoming "Reading Data with Children and Youth 2023" activity, scheduled from November 15th to 25th, 3023, will encompass high schools nationwide, encompassing both public and private institutions.

Anticipated outcomes include the dissemination of vital statistics pertaining to children and youth derived from the recent census, strengthened collaborations between schools, teachers, and NISR in advocating statistical literacy, and an amplified awareness within the community about the significance of statistical literacy.

Ultimately, the initiative endeavors to foster a generation of high school students who actively engage with statistics, recognizing its significance in their coursework and beyond. Through this program, NISR aims to empower future leaders with the critical skill set needed to navigate an increasingly data-driven world.


PR/ Communications Officer