Several dozens of innovative ideas are being showcased by university students at the “Big Data Hackathon” competition to spur creativity in statistical ingenuity at Musanze district, Northern Rwanda.

The competition organized by NISR focus on only on coding and creating visualizations but also; it aims at empowering the future leaders with statistical prowess.

The essence of the Big Data Competition was multi-fold, aiming to ignite statistical curiosity and bolster awareness of crucial statistics generated by the NISR. More than a mere contest, it became a platform for statistical advocacy and improved data dissemination among the youth. Central to its mission was the development of students' skills in data visualization and coding, crucial tools in navigating the data-driven landscape of today.

The heart of the competition revolved around leveraging Data Science skills using real-world data sets - Rwanda's Gross Domestic Product, Consumer Price Index, Labor Force Survey, and Seasonal Agriculture Survey. Participants embarked on a journey to harness these datasets, weaving them into interactive dashboards, fostering a dynamic visualization of key indicators.

A Journey of Discovery

The hackathon unfolded in stages, beginning with conducting awareness of Big Data and Data Science through outreach in all universities across the country, then eager contestants registering with basic information. Submissions poured in, showcasing a tapestry of creativity and analytical prowess. To further fortify the contestants' efforts, NISR hosted an enlightening webinar, shedding light on the institute's role in governance and offering invaluable tips to enhance submissions.

From the pool of submissions, the top 15 teams emerged victorious, earning a coveted spot in the boot camp. Here, they underwent seven days of intensive coaching, refining their work under expert guidance.

Celebrating Excellence

Finally, the moment arrived for the ultimate evaluation. The top three teams, embodying innovation and statistical acumen, will be honored. NISR proudly awards each member of these remarkable teams with laptops, recognizing their dedication, ingenuity, and commitment to statistical excellence.

A Testament to Empowerment

The Big Data Hackathon transcends the realm of competition; it stands as a testament to the power of statistical literacy and youth empowerment. Beyond the awards, it nurtures a cohort of budding statisticians and data enthusiasts, poised to shape a data-centric future.

As the curtains draw on this edition of the Big Data Hackathon, NISR remains committed to nurturing statistical literacy and fostering a data-driven culture among the youth. The success of this competition echoes a resounding call to continue empowering the next generation of statistical trailblazers.

Join us as we celebrate the triumphs of statistical innovation and the promise of a future fueled by data-driven insights!


NISR/ Communication Officer