The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR), is mandated to produce and disseminate official statistics to support evidence-based decision making and planning processes, and to coordinate the statistical activities of the National Statistical System, including statistical capacity building initiatives as stated on the Law N° 45/2013 of 16/06/2013, and coordinating the implementation of Rwanda Data Revolution Policy and Big Data.

Whereas AIMS is a Pan-African network of centres of excellence for post-graduate training, research and public engagement in mathematical sciences. AIMS enables Africa’s brightest students to become innovators that propel scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency. AIMS has an extensive technical and professional expertise know how and facilities to conduct research and development of solutions responding to corporate needs.

Both institutions are desirous of partnering with each other responding to industry specific needs and sign a five years Memorandum of Understanding to day on the 20th October 2017.

The partnership createsopportunities for collaboration and progressive commitment between AIMS and NISR for joint benefits.

NISR and AIMS intend to pursue collaboration on professional development opportunities of NISR staff and Students from AIMS in the area of academicresearch applied to statistical production and dissemination.  This partnership alsoallows both parties to discuss collaboration opportunities around the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) activities, including participation of NISR at the NEF Global Gathering.

AIMS will contribute to the professional development of NISR staff through short and long term courses related to one or several of the following aspects: operational research, climate and environmental science, big data analytics, encryption, computer security, monitoring and evaluation. Throughout five years, depending of the availability of resource AIMS could providesupport in terms of infrastructure development related to the NISR training centre for capacity building purposes especially big data analytics.

NISR will provide AIMS access to facilities and other tools needed for the purpose of research and specialised training programmes in accordance with the legal framework and procedures related to data access.

Briefly, this framework will be based on mutually agreed upon programs and activities in areas of mathematical sciences to foster new tools, increase productivity, and better services within the statistical production and analysis for monitoring the national and global development programs.

Done at Kigali, 20thOctober 2017.


Director General, NISR