January 2020

Seasonal Agricultural Survey - 2019 Annual Report

National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda conducted 2019 Seasonal Agricultural Survey following three seasons. Season A data collection was done from 02nd December 2018 to 09th February 2019. Season B data was collected from 05th May to 23rd June 2019; while in Season C, field work was done from 8th to 27th September 2019. Data collection was done in 780 sampled segments and 222 large scale farmers holdings for Season A and B, whereas in Season C data was collected in 232 segments located in potential regions for season C. SAS 2019 results estimate agricultural land at 1.38 million hectares (60% of total country land). In 2018/2019 agricultural year the physical crop cultivated land was 1.1 million hectares (79.9% of total agricultural land), and increased by 16.8 % comparing to 2017/2018 agricultural year. In this past agricultural year there was the increase of 5% of annual crop production comparing with the previous agricultural year. There was a slight decrease of annual production for maize (-1%) and bean (-0.3%), while a great increase of annual production was reported for paddy rice (15.5%) and wheat (16.4%).17.1% of farmers used improved seeds, 55.7% used organic fertilizers, 24.6% inorganic fertilizers and 16.1% used pesticides.

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