Duties and responsibilities:

The Single Project Implementation Unit (SPIU) unit is responsible to manage  and  oversee  the  implementation of all projects  components  by providing strategic leadership  to  ensure  the  achievement of projects  goals and the sustainability of expected outcomes.

Other responsibilities include managing and supervising consultants, contractors and suppliers  involved in  planning  and  delivery  of  all components  of  the projects to ensure all participants adhere to the highest quality standards and work towards meeting targets and outcomes. 

To accomplish its mission, the Office of the Single Project Implementation Unit (SPIU) is divided in the following units and staff:



  • Administrative Assistant (1)
  • M&E Specialist (1)
  • Financial Management Specialist (1)
  • Accountant (1)
  • Planning, M&E Specialist (1)
  • Procurement Specialist (1)
  • Procurement Assistant (1)

SPIU Coordinator:


  SPIU Coordinator