April 2020

Seasonal Agricultural Survey Report - Season A, 2020

National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda conducted 2020 Seasonal Agricultural Survey in Season A. Data collection was done in 1200 segments and 308 large scale farmers’ holdings. SAS 2020 results estimate agricultural land at 1.39 million hectares (59% of total country land). In 2020 Season A, physical crop cultivated land was 1.1 out of which 1.04 million hectares was used for Seasonal crops in season A, 0.5 million hectares are area under permanent crops, 0.15 million ha under permanent pasture. There was an increase of production for maize (7%), cassava (11%) and banana (8%) comparing with 2019 Season A. There was also a decrease of production for paddy rice (-12%), beans (-10%) , Irish potato(-9%) and sweet potato(-6). 35.2 % of farmers used improved seeds, 63.5% used organic fertilizers, 21.7 % inorganic fertilizers and 16.1% used pesticides.

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