The Economic Statistics Department is mandated to collect data and produce statistics and information in various economic areas, including: Industrial (manufacturing, mining and quarrying) and agricultural statistics; trade (domestic and international trade), infrastructure as well as services sectors; price Statistics (CPI and PPI) and National Accounts ( Input Output table and annual bench marking, Quarterly national accounts, Balance of payments, Flow of funds accounts). In addition, the Department is in charge of establishing and maintaining a business registry. 

To accomplish its mission, the Economic Statistics Department is headed by a director and is organized into five sections with the following staff:

Director (1)

Price Statistics Research Statistician Team (25):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Urban Consumer Price Index Statistician (1) 
  • Rural Consumer Price Index Statistician (1) 
  • International Comparison Program Statistician (1)
  • Trade Price Indices Statistician (1)
  • Producer Price Index Manufacturing Statistician (1)
  • Producer Price Index Services Statistician (1)
  • Regional Price & Economic Data Collection Officer (18)

Agriculture & Environmental Statistician Team (5):

  • Team Leader
  • Seasonal Crop Production Statistician (1)
  • Perennial Crop Production and Horticulture Statistician (1)
  • Livestock & Fisheries Production Statistician (1)
  • Forestry & Environment Statistician (1)

National Accounts Research Statistician Team (6):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Formal Sector Quarterly National Accounts Statistician (1)
  • Informal Sector Quarterly National Accounts Statistician (1)
  • Formal Sector Annual National Accounts Statistician (1)
  • Informal Sector Annual National Accounts Statistician (1)
  • Investment & Government Financial Statistician (1)

Trade & Services Statistics Team (4):

  • Team Leader
  • Formal Trade Statistician (1)
  • Informal Trade Statistician (1)
  • Financial Account Portfolio Statistician (1)

Infrastructure & Industry Statistics Team (4):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Mining & Quarrying Statistician (1)
  • Manufacturing Statistician (1)
  • Construction & Real Estate Statistician (1)

Director of Economic Statistics:

Mr. Jean Claude MWIZERWA
Director of Economic Statistics

Mr. MWIZERWA Jean Claude has worked in National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) since 2008 to date. He is the director of DES since 2019, prior to this, he occupied various positions in the field of National Accounts, from statistician to the team leader.

He is an economist with wide experience in Macroeconomic Statistics gained from work experience with the statistics Institution.

He heads the department which is responsible for coordination, collection, analyses, generation and dissemination of macroeconomic statistics such as: National Accounts, External sector statistics, Prices statistics, Agriculture statistics, Business Surveys and infrastructure statistics.