The Statistical Methods, Research and Publications Department is responsible for promoting the methodologies, norms, and standards of the NISR - internally and externally to other parties of the National Statistical System (NSS); to coordinate the preparation and sound implementation of the NISR strategic plan and to supervise and facilitate the production of the two periodic publications “the Statistical yearbook” and “Rwanda in Figures”.

To accomplish its mission, the Statistical Methods, Research and Publications Department is headed by a director and is organized into the following four sections and staff :

  • Director (1)
  • Statistical Capacity Building Coordination Officer (1)

Quality Assurance Statistician Team (3):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Data Surveys Quality Assurance Statistician (1)
  • Administrative Data Quality Assurance Statistician (1)

Research, Publication and Documentation Statistician Team (5):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Demographic Studies Research Statistician (1)
  • Economic Studies Research Statistician (1)
  • Publication & Dissemination Officer (1)
  • Data Portals Management Officer (1)

Statistical Methods, Sampling and Classification Research Statician Team (5):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Statistical Methods & Sampling of Household Surveys Statistician (1)
  • Statistical Methods & Sampling of Business Surveys Statistician (1)
  • Economic Statistics Classification Officer (1)
  • Demographic Statistics Classification statistician (1)

Imihigo Team (7)

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Imihigo Evaluation Officer (6)

Director of SMRP:

Director of Statistical Methods, Research and Publication (a.i)