The department of Statistical Methods, Research and Publications (SMRP) is responsible mainly for:

  • coordinating the National Statistical System (NSS) including preparation and implementation of National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDSs); compiling and disseminating statistics of SDGs indicators, compiling and disseminating the “Rwanda Statistical yearbook” with Facts and Figures, subscription to e-GDDS and SDDS;
  • promoting the methodologies, norms and standards for the production and dissemination of official statistics;
  • evaluating Imihigo at central and local government; 
  • developping NSS capacities for production and dissemination of official statistics

To accomplish its mission, the Statistical Methods, Research and Publications Department is headed by a director and is organized into the following four sections and staff :

  • Director (1)
  • Statistical Capacity Building Coordination Officer (1)

Quality Assurance Statistician Team (3):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Data Surveys Quality Assurance Statistician (1)
  • Administrative Data Quality Assurance Statistician (1)

Research, Publication and Documentation Statistician Team (5):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Demographic Studies Research Statistician (1)
  • Economic Studies Research Statistician (1)
  • Publication & Dissemination Officer (1)
  • Data Portals Management Officer (1)

Statistical Methods, Sampling and Classification Research Statician Team (5):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Statistical Methods & Sampling of Household Surveys Statistician (1)
  • Statistical Methods & Sampling of Business Surveys Statistician (1)
  • Economic Statistics Classification Officer (1)
  • Demographic Statistics Classification statistician (1)

Imihigo Team (7)

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Imihigo Evaluation Officer (6)

Director of SMRP:

Director of Statistical Methods, Research and Publication (a.i)