The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department is responsible for data processing of surveys and censuses carried out, the Local Area Network (LAN), Hardware, Software, Internet, External Web Site, Intranet, Security, Backup,  Digitized maps, Documentation, Archiving, Data-bases and ICT Training etc.

To accomplish its mission, the ICT Department is headed by a director with one team and the following  staff:

  • Director (1)
  • Application Admin & Data Processing Officer (7)
  • Database Administrator (1)
  • IT Help Desk Officer (1)
  • System and Network Administrator (1)

Geographic Information Systems Team (5):

  • Team Leader (1)
  • Sampling Frames Cartographer Officer (1)
  • Fieldwork Organisation Cartographer Officer (1)
  • Map Design & Production Geometrician Officer (1)
  • Spatial Database Geometrician Officer (1)

>> ICT unit job roles as per current organisation structure

Director of ICT:

Director of ICT

Jimmy MUKASA is the Director of ICT Unit at NISR since October 2014. In additional to common corporate ICT related activities, he is in charge of data processing and GIS parts of statistics production pipeline. Prior to joining NISR he was the Director of ICT Unit at Rwanda Housing Authority. 

Mukasa possesses both managerial and technical skills in the ICT undertaking pertaining to having served at both layers in the public and private sectors and with enough periodic hands on trainings. In the private sector he served among else as a Trainer in ADB Technical school from 2002 to 2004 and as Training manager for Techno Brain Rwanda Ltd in 2013. For the public sector, he also worked for Ministry of Infrastructure for a period of nearly eight years (April 2005 - December 2012). He served as ICT Maintenance Professional and as Systems and Network Administrator consecutively. By the time, the Ministry was in charge of ICT sector development portfolio in Rwanda and Mukasa was also involved in technical and managerial activities at central level (as a professional and sometimes acting as Interim Director of ICT). Hence, he participated in drafting of EDPRS-1 ICT sector log frame and activities planning and drafting of NICI plans etc... He played a key role in facilitating the implementation of laying out of modern National ICT Infrastructure which was the priority for the sector at the time.

Mukasa holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications from University of Madras. He also holds more than a dozen International ICT professional certificates such as Cisco Networking (5 certificates), Microsoft Systems (4 certificates), CompTIA (4 certificates) and he has attended courses of MSIT program at Carnegie Mellon University Africa.